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Relief at rescue ends in death as new mudslide engulfs home

Image: Indonesian rescue workers search for landslide victims in Tawangmangu, Central Java

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Java, Indonesia
Scores of people drowned in mud and surging rivers after days of intense rain caused floods and landslides across the Indonesian islands of Java and Bali exactly three years after the Indian Ocean tsunami hit the archipelago on December 26, 2004. Thousands of houses were inundated, from Java and Sumatra to Sulawesi island, farther east. Residents struggled to salvage valued possessions from the rising waters, some using tyres to float televisions and refrigerators to higher ground. Flooding has become a very common problem for many of the Indonesian communities, which tend to be concentrated along lowlying coasts and valleys beneath steep mountains. Especially jolting, from the point of view of Indonesian business, was an incident last month when the road to Jakarta international airport was cut off by a surging high tide.

Many Dead or Missing in Landslides
LANDSLIDES caused by torrential rains overnight have left 75 people dead or missing in Indonesia's Central Java province.
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