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November saw abrupt weather shift

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Montana, USA
Image: Northwest Montana Sky

November saw abrupt weather shift - Rarely is the demarcation between fall and winter so clearly defined. For the first 18 days of the month, temperatures climbed 10, 15 even 20 degrees above normal on a regular basis, hitting a stunning 70 degrees on Nov. 4. A trace of rain fell here and there, but as the midpoint of the month passed, just .01 inch of moisture had been measured. Only four times previously since records have been kept had measurable snow been so late in coming to Billings. Then Nov. 19 dawned cloudy and mean. A massive moisture surge collided with frigid air from Alaska and Canada, and the temperature was all downhill from there. "The interesting thing about November was the number of days that were an extreme departure from normal. By extreme, I mean days that were 10 degrees above or 10 degrees below normal for the day. There was even one day more than 20 degrees above normal." That was the 70-degree high on Nov. 4. Normal temperature for that day is 48 degrees.

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