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H5N1 hits turkeys in Poland; stores sold tainted meat

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Poland has become the eighth European country to report an H5N1 outbreak this year. In October, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization warned that apparently healthy ducks and geese in Europe could be harboring the H5N1 virus. H5N1 avian influenza has struck two turkey farms, the country's first reported outbreak in domestic birds, and there were reports that meat contaminated with the virus was sold to consumers. Poland last found H5N1 in birds in the spring of 2006, when it was detected in wild swans and other waterfowl. Authorities were trying to track down the meat in food shops, but most of it was probably already in consumers' homes, because it had been delivered to stores at the beginning of the previous week. Health officials are monitoring the health of store employees.
Elsewhere, animal-health officials in Bangladesh reported more H5N1 outbreaks in poultry in the northwestern part of the country. The latest outbreak struck a village in Pabna district, about 100 miles from Dhaka, the capital. Workers culled 6,000 chickens and destroyed more than 2,500 eggs to stamp out the outbreak. Twenty of Bangladesh's 64 districts have now reported H5N1 outbreaks in poultry.

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