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Cuba still dealing with Tropical Storm Noel's aftermath

CUBA still dealing with Tropical Storm Noel's aftermath. Cuba's eastern provinces are still hurting many weeks after RECORD RAINS swelled rivers and destroyed crops. Many homes are in shambles, food is in short supply and the list of needed repairs is long. A nation with an already precarious food supply and inefficient agriculture industry lost 20,000 tons of food. Initial estimates showed nearly 22,000 homes were affected by rain that began in October and did not stop until mid-November. By the time Noel hit, the soil was already soaked and the reservoirs already overflowing. The last time it rained this hard was 44 years ago, when Hurricane Flora killed 1,200 people. Image: Two men make their way through the flooded village of Rio Cauto, which, with 3,000 homes under water, was the nation's worst off, Cuban media reported.

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