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Chile’s Rising Waters and Frozen Avocados

Chile, S.A.
While Chile has a blazing desert at its head, its feet lie beneath ice, with 7,000 square miles of continental ice masses and the hundreds of thousands of square miles of Antarctica that they claim. Global warming is melting Antarctica, and as a result large quantities of water will inundate their coastline. The beautiful Andean glaciers of southern Chile are also melting before our eyes. In Santiago, a few thousand miles from Antarctica, boiling hot temperatures have heralded the start of summer. They are advised to go to the beach only in late afternoon. The climate change has done serious damage to fruit and vegetable crops, most particularly the avocado. An exporter said that this season’s uncharacteristic frosts ruined 40 percent of his crop. Among farmers a feeling of apprehension has taken hold; the weather has always been slightly capricious, but of late it has become altogether unpredictable.

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