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It’s a slow burner

A massive island that has risen from the crater lake of a steaming Indonesian volcano consists of new lava that has gradually erupted from its core, a vulcanologist said yesterday. Mount Kelut in Indonesia’s East Java has been on high alert for three weeks, with scientists fearing the peak could explode, putting at risk thousands of lives. The volcano has been making an “effusive” eruption, meaning the energy release has been gradual and not strong enough to dramatically tear through the frozen magma left behind after the last eruption, which killed 34. “As the energy is not quite strong enough, the lava has only snuck through the cracks and continuously grown inside the crater’s lake.” The lava dome is now 150 metres in diameter. The lava could stop growing and form a large dome on the mountain’s peak, or it could spill over the edge and rush down Mount Kelut’s slopes.

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