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One common tragic thread of fact running through the devastated coastal region is the fatal reluctance of the villagers to heed the warning signals of Cyclone Sidr. Village after village carry the same story, people were unwilling to leave their homes and cattle behind, because they thought the alarm was just another false one. "They told us we would die when the tsunami was supposed to hit a couple of years ago. We all rushed to the centre without thinking twice. But nothing happened and we returned to find our houses looted." This time people lost their entire families to the cyclone. "We thought it would be the same this time. But when our houses started to shake and the tidal wave came into our homes, we took all we could and made a dash for the shelter. It was too late." A large section of the dead were swept away by the awesome waves when they made the last desperate bid to make it to the shelter, while a large number of those who tried to leave before the arrival of the tidal wave were trapped under the trees uprooted by the ferocious wind of the cyclone. With most of the cyclone shelters located too far away from most villages, the journey through the cyclone was long, leaving the people with little chance of escaping its wrath. Most of the local people say the failure to evacuate the population of the region more thoroughly cannot be totally blamed on the administration, because they did take unprecedented measures to warn the villages on the mainland. But little notice was given to the fact that most chars, even the large ones with populations over 5,000 have not built any cyclone shelters at all.

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