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Deer season has unusual opener

New York, USA
Call it global warming or another freak of nature, but this year the deer-hunting scenario was different. The forests of Harriman State Park and then the Catskills looked like they were at peak or just past peak in fall foliage. The mountainsides glistened with color. Furthermore, when the season opened, hunters witnessed bucks chasing does wanting to fulfill the mating ritual. Hunters are frustrated by the fact that trees are still holding their leaves. "We've noticed an extremely late leaf fall. Many maples and copper beech are still green and full of leaves, and that doesn't work well for tree-stand hunting." The UNUSUAL conditions have forced changes in hunting strategy. "In some areas, oaks are still dropping acorns...Deer were feeding and bedding in the same areas rather than the usual 'feed at night, then travel to thicket bedding areas' routine."

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