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Towns repeatedly hit by extreme weather may have to move

Flooding 20 minutes east of Kaitaia. Photo / Ike Urlich

New Zealand

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July 11, 2007

New Zealand settlements being repeatedly hit by adverse weather conditions may have to consider moving, the Prime Minister has said.
A state of civil emergency was declared in the Far North yesterday after torrential rain and violent winds caused flooding and slips, before moving south and battering Auckland and Coromandel.
Speaking in the town of Kaeo, which has been submerged under water for the second time this year, Helen Clark said such repeated severe weather events were a concern.
Miss Clark had flown from Auckland over the Kaipara Harbour to the Far North to inspect damage from the storm that has cut power and caused flooding and slips in the country's north.
When asked by the Herald whether towns like Kaeo might have to shift to safer areas, Miss Clark said there would come a point where that would have to be considered.

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