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Some of the world's biggest pop stars from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Madonna and The Police have played Live Earth concerts worldwide to urge fans and governments to fight global warming. Tens of thousands partied at concerts in Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hamburg, Johannesburg, London, Washington, New Jersey and Rio de Janeiro on Saturday to hear Bon Jovi, James Blunt, Linkin Park and Shakira and many other performers. Spearheaded by environmentalist and former US vice president Al Gore, the concerts spanned over 22 hours, ending at Rio's Copacabana beach and a New Jersey football stadium. "You are Live Earth," Gore told the crowd at New Jersey's Giants Stadium, on a stage made with recycled tires. With hand raised as if taking an oath, Gore took the seven-point pledge he wants others to endorse, binding them to cut carbon emissions and to lobby governments and employers to do more to save the planet. "Today two billion of us have come together in over 130 countries on seven continents," Gore said to cheers. "Times like these demand action: please sign the Live Earth pledge.


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