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Water spray latest headache for Indonesian mudflow engineers

June 20, 2007

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesian experts scrambled Wednesday to deal with a massive water spray gushing from the ground near a "mud volcano" of toxic sludge on Indonesia's Java island.Ahmad Zulkarnain, the spokesman for the government team handling the disaster, said that the five-metre (16-feet) high spray began before dawn on Saturday at a restaurant in Jatirejo village, near the mudflow area."We are going to channel the water to the river to prevent it from flooding the area," he told AFP, adding that workers had failed on Tuesday to "plug" the water."We are afraid that if we do not hurry, it may submerge the village, highway and railway," he said.Zulkarnain said there had been about 60 incidents of water or gas spurting from the ground near the so-called mud volcano, which erupted in May last year, inundating an area of some 600 hectares (1,500 acres).

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