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WA dams hit rock bottom as rain fails

Western Australia

June 24, 2007

The drinking water crisis in the South-West has been further highlighted with some of the Western area’s main dams at RECORD LOWS. Millstream Dam just outside Bridgetown has dropped to an alltime Statewide low of 9 per cent capacity. The dam’s current condition was the worst seen in more than 20 years in the region. “It looks like we’ve drained it for maintenance — I’ve never seen it this low. It’s terrible." The Water Corporation would usually start transferring water from Millstream Dam to other dams at this time of the year. No relief is in sight because three fronts arriving within a week are expected to bring only light rains to agricultural areas. Some farmers in the north-west who need 350mm of rain before the end of the year had received only 10mm to date. Farmers around the Geraldton area were losing topsoil to high winds because of the lack of rain.

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