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Southeast drought causes rise in infestations as pests seek water

MONTGOMERY, Ala.- June 26: In addition to wilting plants and water restrictions, homeowners in the Southeast are also seeing a rise in unwelcome invasions of creepy crawly visitors because of the drought.Wildlife experts and pest control professionals say insect infestations are up as increased numbers of ants and cockroaches enter homes seeking water. Rodents and snakes - which typically prefer to avoid humans - are also venturing into more densely populated areas as their water sources dry up and food grows scarce. Pest control firms have also noticed a spike in rodent calls, UNUSUAL for this time of year. Rodents generally enter homes in October as temperatures fall, and homeowners usually report infestations in January and February when the first litters of baby rats and mice start running around. Usually, exterminators report very few, if any, rodent calls between May and October. "Rodents would prefer not to be around humans, but if they're hungry or thirsty enough, they'll put up wit

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