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Pakistani villagers hit by floods riot after little or no help arrives


Photo: Villagers flee after their homes were destroyed by flood in Pakistan's tribal area of Khyber, near the Afghanistan border, Friday.(Mohammad Zubair/Associated Press)

June 29, 2007
Victims of monsoon floods in southwest Pakistan rioted Friday, protesting the slow arrival of meagre aid to their villages.
Police attempted to contain the crowd of several thousand in Turbat with tear gas and shots fired into the air, but with little effect. Earlier in the day, the crowds broke into and ransacked the mayor's office.
The protests come after Cyclone Yemyin dumped torrential rains in the area on Tuesday, causing widespread flooding.
Military helicopters continue to drop relief supplies, but many of the more than 800,000 people affected by the flooding in southwest Pakistan appeared to have received little or nothing.

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