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Goodbye sunshine

June 26, 2007
Over the last few days Britain has been subjected to the “WORST RAIN FOR 50 YEARS” according to some national newspapers. The southeast is usually the driest region in the UK and has a lower rainfall average than Jerusalem and Beirut at between 450mm and 600mm per year. The wet weather has reportedly wiped out the nesting season for some of Britain's rarest wading birds, up to 1,000 pairs of waders and ground-nesting birds have lost their eggs or chicks after rain hit the Ouse Washes in East Anglia. This month Ipswich has seen nearly double the average amount of rainfall as a rare “European monsoon” descends on the Suffolk skyline. And this month has followed the wettest May on record over much of Suffolk. Only April was better than expected - there was virtually no rain for the entire month, prompting fears of a drought. “Two Junes in every ten years will see moist air travelling in from the Atlantic, resulting in torrential rain of a tropical intensity like the sort we have seen for the past few weeks. This May was one of the wettest for 100 years, with five inches of rainfall, which is three times more than what we should have had.” The four-weekly forecast predicts that while this week should improve, next week will see the return of unsettled weather and then more rain will fall during the middle of July. Click Here for More Information on Flooding


BBC News website readers, reporters and correspondents in the field have been writing in with their experiences of the extremes from across the country. Readers have submitted more than 3,000 pictures and 200 mobile phone videos so far.
You can read a selection of comments and reports by clicking the link above.

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