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Expect an increase of short, sharp storms with climate change

United Kingdom
June 22, 2007

Severe floods have affected many parts of the UK over the past week, with more storms in store. Around the country, over 750 properties have suffered extreme damage from flooding from both water crosses and surface waters. With some areas receiving more than a month's rainfall in just 24 hours, fatalities include a young soldier who died during a 'routine exercise' on the north Yorkshire moors when he fell into a stream swollen by heavy rainfalls. The storms have also resulted in a large number of people who have been evacuated from their homes. "This isn't freak weather, but we do have a consistent area of low pressure." With more storms in store over the coming days, the low pressure is moving from northern England to the south. "[Over time] what we'll expect to see is more of the short, sharp storms that are extreme with lightning and thunder. Under climate change predictions, the heavy summer rain is something we're going to continue seeing."

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