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China region starts from scratch after devastating quake


Photos: A villager stands on a pile of rubble where his house once stood. All photos by David Darg

June 27, 2007
On the morning of 3 June a violent earthquake struck the Pu'er region of southwestern China. The quake measured 6.4 on the Richter scale and over 90 percent of all homes and buildings in the region were badly damaged or destroyed in an instant.
To date, 44,000 families have lost their homes and a further 58,000 will need to carry out major repairs before returning home. Amazingly with an earthquake of this magnitude, only three people were killed and a further 28 seriously injured.
The low casualty count is very fortunate and attributed to the quake striking in daylight hours. But the region is bracing for difficult times ahead. For a population whose annual average income is $80 dollars the economic loss will be devastating.

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