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Wrong-way whales draw a crowd

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Photo: One of two whales surfaces along a busy delta river channel. Experts were at a loss to explain the whales' behavior, which continues to draw a growing audience.
(Robert Durell / LAT)

WEST SACRAMENTO, Ca. — Two lost humpback whales continued their four-day odyssey up a busy delta river channel Wednesday as hundreds looked on with amusement and concern.The mother and calf apparently suffered wounds inflicted by a boat propeller, scientists said at a packed news conference. They said the injuries occurred after the pair entered the Sacramento River Delta on Sunday and do not explain why the whales veered into inland waters.Rescue workers also announced an ambitious plan to coax the rare whales back toward the ocean, beginning today. The strategy will use pipe-banging noises to prod the whales from behind and recordings of feeding humpbacks in front to lure them southward.

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