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Warming for Arctic wolves, suicide

The Arctic

May 04, 2007

GLOBAL warming has sent marauding wolves into an Alaskan hamlet, killed Norwegian reindeer with unlikely parasites and may even spur suicide among Inuit youth, Arctic leaders said today.
As scientists and government officials in Bangkok put the finishing touches on a report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on what to do about global warming, the three Arctic emissaries came to Washington to tell how the phenomenon was making their lives more difficult now.
Sarah James, a member of the Gwich'in nation, said climate change had brought formerly unheard-of species - black bears, beavers and cottonwood trees - to the small community of Arctic Village, Alaska, where she lives.
It also changed the way wolves hunt for food, forcing them to band together in a pack and prey on dogs tied up outside villagers' homes instead of hunting solo in snow-covered areas, Ms James said.

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