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Rainy season arrives, but critical areas stay dry

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Florida, USA

Rejoice, drought-weary Floridians: The rainy season has begun.
In fact, it began May 14 - the earliest start since the torrential year of 1995, the National Weather Service's office near Miami announced Monday.

But that doesn't mean South Florida's drought will end any time soon. In fact, water managers say the shortage could extend through the summer of 2008 unless the next four to six months bring a powerful drenching. So far, they say, the past week and a half of near-daily rainfall hasn't hit where the region needs it most: Lake Okeechobee and the Kissimmee River valley to the north, the headwaters of South Florida's water supply.

"There are parts of our district over the past week that haven't gotten a drop of rain," said Eric Swartz, a meteorologist at the South Florida Water Management District, which extends from Orlando to Key West.

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