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Gardeners see climate change signs

May 03, 2007

Over a quarter of the UK's gardeners believe they can already see signs of climate change in their flower beds and lawns, according to a survey.The Waste and Resources Action Programme's Know Your Compost campaign reported earlier blooming bulbs as the most obvious sign cited by gardeners (60%), while nearly a quarter (24%) have also noticed an increase in the amount of garden waste, such as grass trimmings and prunings.Encouragingly, 56% understand the important role that recycling garden waste plays in helping to combat climate change but it's a different story when it comes to putting this into practice.
In addition to earlier blooming spring bulbs, such as crocuses and snowdrops, gardeners also reported noticing changes in the normal growing pattern of their lawns.Compared with previous years, 44% stated they needed to start mowing earlier in the season, while 36% noticed their lawns kept growing throughout the year and 32% said they needed to mow lawns more frequently as grass seemed to be growing faster.

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