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Early Beijing summer indicates climate change


Photo: A coal-fired power plant on the outskirts of Beijing. The city is experiencing its earliest summer in more than 30 years, state media reported on Tuesday, in the latest climatic sign that China is bearing the hallmarks of global warming(AFP/File/Frederic J.Brown)

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May, 2007
Beijing is experiencing its EARLIEST SUMMER IN MORE THAN 30 YEARS. The country's meteorologists consider the season to have officially started when the mercury tops 22 degrees Celsius (71 Fahrenheit) for five straight days, which it did from Thursday to Monday. It was the earliest occurrence since 1971. The temperature rose to 33.5 degrees Celsius (92 Fahrenheit) on Monday, the highest in the capital this year and HOTTEST FOR THAT DATE SINCE 1986. Sunny weather expected in Shanghai could also mean the EARLIEST SUMMER IN 100 YEARS in the commercial hub. The average temperature across the country in April was 1 degree Celsius higher than normal. The early summer follows one of the warmest winters in decades and a sizzling 2006, China's hottest year since 1951.

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