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Climate Change Pushed Neanderthal Into Extinction In Iberian Peninsula

May 03, 2007

Granada, Spain
Image: The most important aspect of this data is that it differs from the current scientific paradigm which makes Homo Sapiens responsible for the Neanderthal extinction. This work is a contribution to a new scientific current - leaded by Dr. Clive Finlayson, from the Gibraltar Museum - according to which Neanderthal isolation and, possibly, extinction were due to environmental factors.

Climate – and not modern humans – was the cause of the Neanderthal extinction in the Iberian Peninsula. Such is the conclusion of the University of Granada research group RNM 179 - Mineralogy and Geochemistry of sedimentary and metamorphic environments, headed by professor Miguel Ortega Huertas and whose members Francisco José Jiménez Espejo, Francisca Martínez Ruiz and David Gallego Torres work jointly at the department of Mineralogy and Petrology of the University of Granada (Universidad de Granada) and the Andalusian Regional Institute of Earth Sciences (CSIC-UGR).

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