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Bird migration patterns shifting - an early warning of climate change

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Disoriented by erratic weather, birds are changing migration habits and routes to adjust to warmer winters, disappearing feeding grounds and shrinking wetlands, a migration expert says. Failure to adapt risks extinction. Birds face starvation when they arrive too early or too late to find their normal diet of insects, plankton or fish. In the north, some birds have stopped migrating altogether, leaving them at risk when the next cold winter strikes. "Species that adapted to changes over millennia are now being asked to make those adaptations extremely quickly because of the swift rise in temperatures. We don't know how many will survive. We will lose species." Warming is predicted to drive up to 30 percent of known animal species to extinction, and migrating birds are especially vulnerable. Climate change can strike at each stage of their annual trek, from breeding ground to rest stops to their final destination.

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