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Arctic Seal Captured In Fort Lauderdale Canal

Florida, USA
May 07, 2007
Video: Arctic Seal Captured

Experts Baffled How Mammal Made It To South Florida
A bearded Arctic seal was finally captured Monday after eluding experts not only in South Florida but along the Treasure Coast.
Wildlife experts are baffled as to how an animal that usually lives in the ice of Greenland and Canada ended up this far south."For him to be down here makes us ask a lot of questions that we don't have answers to at this time.
The species has never been seen south of Massachusetts, according to experts. At one point, the seal sunned itself off a canal bank, which was an unusual sight considering the mammal usually lives on icebergs."The warm water, the heat from the sun, is taking its toll and making it become dehydrated," said Blair Mase, the marine mammal stranding co-coordinator for the National Fisheries Service.

News Update
UPDATE: Emaciated arctic seal dies at SeaWorld

Source: Virtual Matter

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