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Moon turns red over Britain

Lunar Eclipse

Photo: The eclipse seen against one of the birds on top of the Liverbuilding in Liverpool

March 04, 2007
Thousands of people enjoyed the most spectacular lunar eclipse in more than a decade, thanks to clear skies across most of the country.
The first total eclipse of the moon in three years was visible across swathes of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as a showery day gave way to a crisp night.
The surface of the full Moon first went dark before turning a coppery red, to the delight of the many people who went outside to watch the display.

Photo: A Lunar Eclipse is seen over the Westminster Abbey in London, Saturday, March 3, 2007. Amateur star-gazers and astronomers worldwide dusted off their telescopes and unsheathed their binoculars Saturday for the first total lunar eclipse in three years.
LONDON (AP) - The moon darkened, reddened, and turned shades of gray and orange during the first total lunar eclipse in nearly three years, thrilling stargazers and astronomers around the world.The Earth's shadow took over six hours Saturday night to crawl across the moon's surface, eating it into a crescent shape before engulfing it completely in a spectacle at least partly visible on every continent.

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