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Egypt Reports Its 24th Human Bird Flu Infection

Viral News: Egypt
Bird Flu Update

March 11, 2007
A four-year-old boy has tested positive for bird flu in the Egyptian Nile Delta province of Dakahlia, national newspaper Al-Akhbar reported Sunday quoting a statement by Egypt's health ministry.
Since the first outbreak of bird flu in Egypt in 2005, 13 of 24 people who contracted the illness have died. After an initial panic which saw many Egyptians getting rid of their birds, people in rural areas have since resumed raising poultry domestically to sell at public markets or as a source of cheaper protein. Previous cases of infection were usually accompanied by exposure to sick birds. Generally, if a person is infected, the Egyptian health ministry monitors the rest of the family members for signs of the disease.

Viral Threats
BURMA reported bird flu outbreaks in two towns.

INDONESIA has recorded 85 bird flu cases, after a 20-year old woman was positively infected by avian influenza. The woman from East Java province had a history of contact with chickens. Indonesia has recorded 64 fatalities out of 85 people who contracted the disease. The number of bird flu cases in the country has increased recently after months of absence of new cases. Over 32 million families in Indonesia's vast archipelago have been raising chickens in back yards.

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