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'This is erosion like we've never seen before'

Earth News: United Kingdom
Photo: BBC News website readers have been sending in their pictures of the windy weather in the British Isles. Dave Kneen: "I took this at high tide this morning at Peel Castle, Isle of Man."
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Feb 24, 2007
'This is erosion LIKE WE'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE' - One the most ambitious regeneration projects ever undertaken along seven miles of the Welsh coastline is crumbling into the sea. The Millennium Coastal Park in Carmarthenshire, which cost some £30m, is losing huge chunks to the ocean. A combination of high tides and storms have now seen a major section of the park, about a quarter of a mile long, slip into the Burry Estuary, which is notorious for its strong tides. The latest incident at the park took place last Monday, when a 400-metre stretch of cycle path near Burry Port was destroyed by waves. A "FREAK" 8.4 metre-high tide was blamed, as well as violent waves caused by Atlantic storms. "It's very alarming and is causing serious concern in the town. Something serious is happening. It's unbelievable." "A lot of local experts on tides have said that the recent swells have been extremely high. We're suffering with these swells that are battering the coast." A report by the National Trust earlier this month predicted a grim future for Wales' picturesque, and increasingly lucrative, coastline. Increased flooding and erosion was predicted because of storms and raised sea levels caused by climate change.

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