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Scientists looking for hidden volcano on Czech-German border

Earth Discovery: Europe

Feb 12, 2007
German and Czech scientists are looking for a volcano that they believe is hidden underground in the Cheb area, west Bohemia, and that is responsible for the rich mineral springs in west Bohemian spas. The volcano is located on the Czech side of the border near the village of Novy Kostel north of Cheb. The scientists have known for a long time that magma from volcanic eruptions is closer to the surface in the Bohemia, Bavaria and Saxony triangle than anywhere in the world. It lies in the depth of a mere 30 km and exerts high pressure. "It is the only area in the large space between the Alps and Iceland where such activities can be watched." Scientists believe that the hidden volcano lies on Czech territory judging by the symptoms of underground eruptions. However, the site was practically inaccessible before the fall of the Iron Curtain. The possibility of a new volcanic eruption is very small in the next several thousand years. Quakes are relatively frequent in the Cheb area. The strongest earthquakes there were registered in the autumn of 1962, at the end of 1985 and the beginning of 1986, in 1997 and in 2000.

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