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Lightning topples 100-foot redwood

Earth News: California, USA

Click On Photo For Gallery: Greg Freehling looks the redwood tree struck by lightening... (Mathew Sumner/San Mateo County Times)
Feb 14, 2007
Lightning toppled a 100-foot redwood - Those who heard it said it was one of the loudest booms their ears had registered, and whoever saw it said it was one of the brightest flashes they had ever seen. The strike, during a storm on Monday evening, shook the houses as far as three blocks away. One house was hit by the falling tree - first, the house shook, then the windows blew out. The tree was split to the earth, with only 25 feet still standing. Lightning is RARE in this valley and this one "was almost like an explosion." Some called the event "very freakish." Just a reminder that Mother Nature has more than earthquakes, floods and landslides in store for the Bay Area. "We humans do what we can to build our little fortifications, but in the end, we're really not in charge."

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