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Drought fires up food bugs

Breaking Viral News: Southern Australia

Feb 26, 2007

Drought and heat are being blamed for a doubling in food poisoning cases in 2007. Alarming health department statistics show more than 800 South Australians have suffered food poisoning in the first seven weeks of this year. This is more than double the year-to-date average of 379 for the past three years. The usual health authority reckoning is that the confirmed cases represent about 10 per cent of the number of people affected, which would mean more than 8000 victims. While the current E coli outbreak is troubling health investigators, campylobacter has been responsible for most of the latest illnesses. Since January 1, there have been 528 confirmed cases, compared with 222 for the same period last year. Salmonella cases are up from 99 to 155 and cryptosporidium from 41 to 105.

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