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Winter comes to Spain

Winter Storm Warning: Spain

Jan 23, 2007
The Department for Civil Protection and Emergencies has issued a warning to the governments of ten Autonomous Communities in Spain following the the National Meteorological Institute’s forcast for heavy snow and very low temperatures over the next few days. The extreme weather conditions are predicted to worsen from today onwards. As a result many cities in Spain are on high alert and as a precaution around 50 mountain passes have been closed to heavy traffic. Andalucía is on alert for extremely low temperaturas, notably in Granada where temperaturas are predicted to fall to - 4ºC. A new weather front will be crossing the country from the Northeast. These extreme weather conditions come following a spell of unusually warm, dry weather for this time of year. Many Spanish ski resorts are experiencing their worst season for years and the snowfall this week will be the first proper one all Winter.

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