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Walney haven to rare sea birds

Animal Behavior: United Kingdom
Jan 12, 2007
RARE seabirds are being blown onto Walney because of strong winter winds. Birds which normally spend most of their lives at sea are appearing at South Walney Nature Reserve because gusts of wind are forcing them to find onshore shelter. Walney bird sanctuary got a shock last week when they found a confused guillemot outside the front door. The giant seabird, RARE to the North West, would normally come on land only to breed, but the weather is forcing several UNUSUAL species on to the site. But unfortunately the unseasonably warm weather is putting off some of the reserve’s most treasured winter guests from nesting on the island. The twite, similar to a linnet, is on the “red list”, making it a threatened species. And its population on the island has halved thanks to the warm winter. "The twites are going elsewhere this year."

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