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Sunny Oregon Coast Sees Rare Oddities

Earth News: Oregon, USA

Photo: Green flash at sunset: notice the green spot in the dark clouds in the upper left portion. Photo: Bob Trusty

Jan 29, 2007
It was more than the average visitor bargained for on the Oregon coast this weekend, as the warm weather brought out an exciting RARELY witnessed natural event and extraordinary waves that belied the calm, sunny conditions and would’ve made surfers from Hawaii jealous. Wild, even enormous waves wowed beachgoers all weekend, on top of the blue skies. But especially on Sunday, huge “half pipes” rolled over much of the Oregon coast surfline, along with spectacular white caps caused by east winds. In Yachats, they made a fiery show, with huge waves rolling over onto themselves, looking like the monsters they get in Hawaii, and then steady east winds would knock the tops off them and create enormous white caps. “Something interesting was going on here. You get these white caps when winds from the opposite direction hit them as they’re rolling in. Yet these waves were enormous, while the wind conditions were really quite calm to almost nothing on most of the central coast. Last I heard, there were big storm systems held offshore by warm temperatures here. So it’s likely some storm out there was sending huge waves our way, while a small measure of east winds would tussle the waves into these fantastic displays of spray.”On the central coast on Sunday, the famed “green flash” at sunset made its rare appearance and amazed those who witnessed it. This RARE oddity occurs when atmospheric conditions are just right, and observers see a small, greenish blob hover at the top of the sun just before it drops below the horizon. It usually lasts for two to ten seconds, and is most often seen as a shimmering, indistinct shape that is green

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