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Strange temps, strange nature

Earth News: New Jersey, USA

New trees, fish among results of a warmer N.J.
By MEGGAN CLARK Health/Science Writer
Published: Monday, January 1, 2007
Goodbye, Douglas fir and white spruce. Hello magnolia and stately southern oaks.
Sixteen years ago, you wouldn't have expected to see the flora and fauna of northern Alabama, Mississippi or Georgia in New Jersey any more than you would have expected to see Arizona cypress or coastal redwood. But since 1990, according to the National Arbor Day Foundation, the state has warmed so significantly that, climate-wise, all but the northernmost corner has become similar to the South.
Most other states have warmed significantly as well, according to the NADF.
The temperature data was gathered from 5,000 National Climatic Data Center cooperative stations nationwide over the past 16 years, and shows a significant warming trend, said Woodrow Nelson, director of communications for the NADF.

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