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Storm strands seal pups on south coast

Unexplained Earth Events: Australia

Jan 11, 2007
Seal pups have been stranded on Esperance beaches in the latest in a series of bizarre natural events to plague the region. Residents who found two dozen seal pups washed up on the south coast beaches after last week’s freak storm say they HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH A MASS STRANDING. Gales and 5m swells washed the eight-week-old seal pups on to coastline near Esperance and east of Hopetoun. “You will get the occasional individual seal pup but to have such large numbers come ashore. I’ve been here 20-odd years and this is the first I’ve ever heard of something like this.” Wildlife authorities are still baffled by the mysterious deaths of an estimated 4000 birds. Six birds had been sent to Perth for autopsies with results so far pointing to either a chemical or naturally occurring toxin as the possible cause of the deaths. If birds had been infected through a water source, floodwaters had most likely diluted the area, making attempts to find the cause increasingly difficult. Esperance has been declared a natural disaster area, with the damage bill from last week’s “ONCE-IN-A-GENERATION” storm expected to reach tens of millions of dollars.

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