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Kansas' weather varied widely in '06

Breaking Climate News: Kansas, USA

Jan 01, 2007

Kansas weather lived up to its unpredictable reputation in 2006. Even as the last hours of the year wound down, blizzards raged and thunderstorms rumbled. From extremes in temperatures to droughts, tornadoes, blizzards and floods, normal conditions were something that happened in another state. Beginning 2006, nothing was typical. It was the WARMEST JANUARY ON RECORD for the state with temperatures 15 degrees above average. Hutchinson saw a high of 75 degrees Jan. 3, and 73 degrees Jan. 7. There were 12 days during the month when temperatures were in the 60-degree range, making it more typical of early spring than the dead of winter. There were five fatalities in Kansas between July 16 and 20, when Hutchinson experienced five days in the 100-degree range, with the hottest day of the month arriving July 20, when temperatures reached 108. The weather will be remembered for being "very, very, very, very, add lots of very's...dry." As of Dec. 28, there was deviation of - 11.58 inches of precipitation from the average of 30.05 inches. "Up through September, there were 67 tornadoes reported across the state and $3.5 million worth of damage. But tornadoes kept coming, with an UNUSUAL tornado outbreak across the plains of southwest Kansas on Oct. 26. December will go down on the record as ONE OF THE WETTEST for southwest Kansas.

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