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Ice Storm Leaves Hundreds Of Thousands Without Power

Breaking Storm News: USA
Photo: AP Fallen limbs and tree branches sagging under the weight of ice line a residential street in Springfield, Mo., Saturday,
Jan. 13, 2007.

Update: Deadly Ice Storm
Monday January 15, 2007
While GTA residents attempt to cope with their first blast of winter since early 2006, people south of the border already know what we're going through.
The fierce storm that has turned our roads into sheets of ice has played havoc with parts of the U.S. and left at least 29 people dead across five states. The intense disturbance spreads all the way from Texas to Toronto and while we're suffering the effects, we likely won't see the worst of it.
Hundreds of thousands of people are without power in the bitter cold, as ice accretions on trees and hydro lines cut electricity to homes and businesses. Missouri is among the worst hit. Some 330,000 people have no lights or heat after the storm raged through.

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