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The Great Comet Prophecy of Nostradamus

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Jan 19, 2007
A leading authority on the teachings of Nostradamus is Michael McClellan, who has provided a very interesting if not startling analogy regarding the connection between Comet McNaught and the Mabus Prophecy.
The Impact that the naked-eye observation of this comet will have on our future is yet to be determined, but events are unfolding quickly and the world should heed each and every warning that comes our way.
Skywatch-Media has distributed the latest version of the newsletter, 2007: The Great Comet Prophecy

Excerpts from this week's issue
Could this be the start of the "great destruction of people and beasts?" Is the US planning on other attacks in other countries, perhaps another "shock and awe" air assault in Iraq to destroy all insurgents and the long-waited air strikes on Iran? What of North Korea's Kim Jong Il and his recent announcement that another nuclear test will be conducted very soon ... could Kim actually be planning an attack against the United States under the guise of nuclear tests? Events in space and on earth are moving quickly ...

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The Great Red Comet
Issue 57, Volume 6

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