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Climate change killed off dynasties in China, Mexico

Breaking Earth News: Climate Change Analysis

Lost Civilizations of Mexico & China

Jan 08, 2007: This story is also posted at The Great Red Comet
New research suggests climate change led to the collapse of the most splendid imperial dynasty in China's history and to the extinction of the Mayan civilisation in Central America more than 1000 years ago. A team of scientists has found evidence a shift in monsoons led to drought and famine in the final century of Tang power. The weather pattern may also have spelled doom for the Maya in faraway Mexico at about the same time. Both ruling hierarchies at the start of the 10th century were victims of poor rainfall and starvation among their peoples when the harvests failed. The cause was to be found in the migration of a band of heavy tropical rain, which moves in response to phenomena such as El Nino, scientists have argued in an article in Nature. The effect was to end two golden ages on opposite sides of the world.

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