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World weather report dashes hopes of drought relief

Breaking Earth News: Climate Change Analysis

Dec 15, 2006
The world's top meteorologists have released their annual weather assessment, and it paints a dismal picture. The globe's sixth warmest year on record has produced widespread drought (Australia, US, China, Brazil and southern Africa.), interspersed with what they call 'radical variability', the October snowfall in southern Australia, for example. Europe had its warmest summer on record. Australia had its warmest spring on record. Canada experienced its warmest winter and warmest spring since its national records began in 1948. But despite the world getting hotter and dryer, there's concern that Australians are taking refuge in the notion that the drought is short-term. There's concern Australia is in denial. And critics say that governments are failing in their efforts to address water problems. Global mean temperatures are climbing. Rainfall is declining and Australia has had its hottest decade.

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