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Warming's ‘tipping points'

Earth News: Global Warming
Al Gore's book and movie "An Inconvenient Truth” present the data identifying carbon dioxide (CO2) and other products of combustion as primary culprits causing global warming. The data are embraced by the vast majority of scientists, who also agree that humanity must modify our patterns of consumption if we would avert a grim future.

The data foretell environmental catastrophes if trends are not reversed — drastic climate changes, wild storms, agricultural uncertainties, rising oceans. This challenge is equivalent to the approach of an asteroid whose impact would change earth's climate forever. The threat is not from a nation, terrorists, or diseases, but what we are doing, inadvertently, to earth's atmosphere.

SARASOTA, FL (AHN) - Forty percent of the world gets it drinking water from melting glaciers. At the rate global warming is advancing, in 40 years, they will be without water, said former Vice President Al Gore.

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