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A swell time is forecast for town

Earth News: Hawaii, USA

Dec 17, 2006

Town surfers are in for an early Christmas gift -- a rare winter south swell that could start arriving late today.
The surf should start building sometime tonight or early tomorrow and may reach advisory levels. Wave faces are expected to be in the 5- to 7-foot range with the possibility of occasional 8-foot sets at the height of the swell, said Jonathan Hoag, a forecaster with the National Weather Service.
The waves should peak tomorrow afternoon and slowly decrease through Wednesday. But another smaller swell may come in Thursday into the weekend, Hoag said.
If the swell arrives as expected, it will mark just the fourth time since 1980 for winter surf on south shores. Similar south swells also have happened in 1993 and 2004.
"It's unusual in December, it's more usual for our early south swells to appear around March or February instead of right in the middle of winter," Hoag said
And mother nature is not leaving out the north and east shores. A northwest swell could come in Tuesday night and strong tradewinds are bringing a wind swell to east shores, prompting a high-surf advisory.

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