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Panic as tidal wave rumour grips island

Earth News: Bermuda

Dec 09. 2006
Panic gripped the island over tidal wave rumour - People running up hills; mothers snatching kids out of birthday parties and a police blockade were all the result of the panic spread by a tidal wave rumour. There was no definite pinpoint as to how the rumour got started. There were 18 to 24 waves crashing into Dockyard, which - according to the Bermuda Weather Service - are normal for this time of year. The high waves, in combination with low cloud cover on the horizon, gave an illusion of a long wall of water, and could be the root as to why there was panic that a tidal wave was heading towards the west end. 18-24 foot waves breaking on the north shore happens often during and after strong northerly winds in the winter. "It is apparent that this phenomenon has been misinterpreted by a member of the public as one large wave approaching the island."

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