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Many People Say Pets Felt Earthquake Coming

Animal Behavior

Dec 15, 2006

Transcript from WFMZ TV
While it left some people shaken up for a few seconds, the situation seemed to be a little more hairy for pets. WFMZ'S Melissa Batulis explains why. >> BRUCE: "All day was just not herself. She was staying very close to her crate and stayed right on the bed for the most part of the day." >> REPORTER: That kind of subdued behavior was pretty unusual for Bruce Crabbs' one-year-old golden retriever, "Sydney." >> BRUCE: "She usually follows me around throughout the house and yesterday she just wasn't quite right." >> REPORTER: But then Bruce heard what he described as loud thunder at his home in Lower Heidelberg Township. Once he found out it was an earthquake, "Sydney's" behavior began to make sense.
A local official says the minor earthquake that struck the Reading area Wednesday may have caused a significant water main break in Denver Borough. The 2.5-magnitude quake struck shortly after 2 p.m. about seven miles west-southwest of Reading. "There is a question with the timing of the (water main) break, if it is tied at all to the earthquake. The line essentially shifted about an inch. Something forced it to move, and we're not sure what it was." A rock against the pipe is often found to be the cause of a crack or break. The borough's public works crew found no such rocks this time. "Instead of a crack and break, it was a small offset." Borough workers noticed a drop in the local reservoir's water level, saw the water use meter jump and got reports of reduced water pressure from residents from about 2 to 3:30 p.m. The Geological Survey lists the time of the earthquake as 2:08 p.m. The quake shook at least one building near Reading on Wednesday and prompted startled residents to inundate Berks County's 911 center with phone calls. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. "It was sizable compared to the ones we've seen in the past."

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