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Global warming could bring 'killer' to South Africa

Breaking Viral News: South Africa

Dec 24, 2006
New battlefronts are opening in the war against malaria. The main cause is climate change, which is seeing the disease spread to new areas. Because people in such places are less resistant, many more die of infections.In South Africa, fears are that changing weather conditions could result in it eventually spreading to areas like Pretoria. In other parts of Africa, the shifts are already happening. Predictions are that, as the continent suffering most from malaria, this could in coming years see a further rise in its death rate, put at up to 2 million people a year, and in the debilitating effect it has on countless others.Various factors are behind malaria's reputation as one of Africa's biggest killers. Socio-economic circumstances leave many communities particularly exposed. But contributing greatly to the problem are the characteristics of its carrier mosquito and the parasite itself, as well as the difficulties of effectively combating the carrier and curing the disease.

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