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Asian nations remember 2004 tsunami

Earth News: Asia
Photo: A woman walks past writing on a road marking the second anniversary of the Dec. 26, 2004, Asian tsunami in Keechankuppam, India. The writing says, "We cannot forget the day."


Dec 25, 2006
BALI, Indonesia - Thousands of people fled beaches on Indonesia’s resort island of Bali in a tsunami drill Tuesday, kicking off remembrances across Asia two years after devastating waves crashed into coastlines and killed 230,000 people.
Elsewhere across the disaster zone, survivors and mourners were marking the anniversary by visiting mass graves, lighting candles along beaches and observing two minutes of silence. Some volunteers were preparing to plant mangroves, saying they were key to protecting coastal communities.
The magnitude-9.0 earthquake that ripped apart the ocean floor off Indonesia’s Sumatra island on Dec. 26, 2004 spawned giant waves that fanned out across the Indian Ocean at jetliner speeds, killing people in a dozen countries and leaving millions homeless.

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