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'The weather makes everyone sick'

Earth News: Indonesia

Nov 24, 2006
As Jakarta continues to bake through the long dry season, residents try to cope with the heat while waiting for the respite of the rainy season which has been late to start. "The authorities need to find out what is going on with the weather, whether it is caused by global warming or not. It's useless for the authorities to cover it up just because they may not be prepared to study the matter. This is important so they know what to do, and so the public can be prepared for what lies ahead. The impact of this long dry season must be worse for farmers who have seen their crops fail, and for people without access to clean water." "The weather has been REALLY UNUSUAL. Everyone is getting sore throats this dry season. It is probably some new contagious disease. My whole family was sick this week. And several friends at my taxi pool have had sore throats. In the past, the rainy season started in November and it would rain every day in December and January. This year, if we don't take extra care we will get sick."

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