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Report on Global Warming
Alister Doyle Helsinki, Finland
01 November 2006
More than a decade after world leaders pledged to avert "dangerous" climate change, a report card on their efforts so far might read: "Must try harder".Rising industrial emissions of greenhouse gases, acrimony between Washington and many of its allies over policy and a report this week that the world economy risks a 1930s-style Depression by failing to act are among reasons for gloom.Yet some see hope in widening concern that the use of fossil fuels is stoking global warming -- indicated by billions of dollars invested in "clean coal", wind or solar energy or by campaigns to get people to turn off unnecessary lights at home."Of course, we must try harder," said Finland's Environment Minister Jan-Erik Enestam, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the European Union."What we have in place at the moment is nothing more than a very modest start," said Yvo de Boer, head of the United Nation's Climate Change Secretariat in Bonn.Even so, he added: "I think we've achieved a great deal."The UN's 1992 Climate Convention and its 1997 Kyoto Protocol laid out principles for trimming emissions from power plants, factories and cars -- seen by most scientists as the main causes of global warming.

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