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Warming threat to earth's seas, marine life endangers mankind

NAIROBI (AFP) - Urgent and resolute measures must be taken to arrest rising global temperatures that increasingly threaten the delicate balance of marine ecosystems and human lives, scientists have warned.

In a study released on the sidelines of a key UN climate conference in the Kenyan capital on Thursday, they said climatic changes had sparked rapid rises in sea levels, temperatures and acidity that pose severe dangers to humanity.
"Human activities are unleashing processes of change in the oceans that are without precedent in the past several million years," said the study "The Future of Oceans -- Warming Up, Rising High, Turning Sour."
"Ambitious climate protection measures are needed to limit the consequences of warming, acidification and sea-level rise for the marine environment and human society," said the report from the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU). Photo Above: Starfish lie under the clear water at the marine sanctuary of the Southeast Asia Fisheries Development Center in Nueva Valencia, Philippines, September 2006

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